Motu Novu Studio Legale (MNSL) is an Italian law firm, born as a distributed organization, modeled as a federation, and characterized by a humanist philosophy. It offers corporate and trade legal services to Italian and international businesses and investors.

History and Philosophy

MNSL was conceived in early 2022 by Alberto Spangaro, Esq. together with Filippo Beretta, co-founder of Motu Novu, as a prototype of distributed federation for professional services in Italy. The Firm’s philosophy is humanistic, and sees the practice of law as an instrument for the benefit of the people. MNSL therefore focuses not on the special interests of its partners, but on the fundamental interests of its federated professionals, of the clients they serve, and of society as a whole.


MNSL operates under license of the trademarks, brand identity, and organizational and operating models of Motu Novu, an international federation of independent professionals established during 2009 in Boston by two alumni of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and now with professionals located across the USA and Europe. Besides the aforementioned license, and a general sympathy and collaboration, MNSL is however not otherwise affiliated with Motu Novu: the two entities do not share ownership or control; Motu Novu operates mostly in the USA and does not offer legal services; MNSL operates mostly in Italy and does not offer management advisory services.

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