The name Motu Novu Studio Legale (“MNSL”) is derived from the name of Motu Novu, an international federation of independent professionals after which MNSL is modeled. The addition of “Studio Legale” (i.e. “Law Firm”, in Italian) clarifies both the nature and the territorial focus of MNSL, i.e. the practice of law in Italy. In turn, the trade name “Motu Novu” is derived from the Latin expression “Motu Novo” (ablative case), which may be translated as: “in regards to new movements/activities” or, more simply, as: “in new motion”.


The logo of Motu Novu Studio Legale is also derived from that of Motu Novu. The Motu Novu logo was conceived while doodling (in frustration) about the idiomatic expression of “thinking outside the box”. Ironically, we dislike such expression: it is a mediocre mantra often chanted to justify (or exorcise?) any deviation from conformity. MNSL’s method is different: we strive to be realistic, and to start from what is, but also visionary, and to never artificially limit the possibility of accomplishing great things.

Motto (and Seal)

The motto of MNSL, as inscribed in the Firm’s seal, is “homini legis cura”, or “[take] care of the law, to benefit the people”. Such a motto summarizes the humanist philosophy of MNSL, which sees the legal professional as a tool for the benefit of the people: professionals, clients, and society as a whole, and therefore seeks to put the utmost care in the study of the law and jurisprudence, in order to run a competent, efficient, and dependable legal practice.


Motu Novu’s marketing materials, and thus in turn also those of MNSL, occasionally feature a smiling black sheep as a mascot. Motu Novu is comprised of contrarian pragmatists who, while acknowledging the benefits of shared values, pooled resources, and coordinated efforts, at the same firmly believe that the pursuit of happiness often leads away from the security of the herd, and from consensus with dominant opinions.

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